Searching The Void

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Searching The Void

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3D Modeling & Content Production

Escaping boundaries of how we normally consume content. Searching The Void will take you on a journey of a lonely astronaut trying to find home. Using art to tell the story gives you a portal of endless possibilities as to what is going to happen next. The journey does not stop at the art, each piece will also contain a journal entry directly from the astronaut describing the personal viewpoint of this experience of a lifetime. The launch of Searching The Void will contain a multi-platform release including but not limited to NFTs, Metal Prints, High Quality Books, and Short Form Video. 

This project is still in development but already has a combined 200+ hours of work completed so far in Blender, Cinema 4D, and Unreal Engine 5. More details and concept imagery will be released soon below.

Starting as a side clothing project to help make money along with content creation. TheWingedX Collection was born, after several identity changes, the final branding was created as Keat.Online. The main focus was Digital Design since it has always been my passion, and using that to create something that people will wear inspires me to create more. Instead of pocketing all the cash and running, I feel it is my duty to help out where I can for those that need help. Since I feel designing the apparel is more fun than it is a business for me, I plan to donate all the proceeds to a new charity with each release. Going beyond apparel, Keat.Online is now developing websites and working on other design projects. Each project inspires me to work toward future challenges creating better work day after day!